Welcome to Kradle 2 Krayons
Child Care Centre in Penrith

We look at Kradle 2 Krayons Long Day Care Centre as a diverse family. We believe children should feel safe and secure to grow, learn and discover. We encourage all families to take an active part within our centre and your child’s time here.

We look forward to meeting with you. Should you have any queries, please contact our Centre Directors or our Nominated Supervisors and we will endeavour to assist you with transitioning in to the Early Childhood setting.

Acknowledgement of Country

We at Kradle 2 Krayons would like to acknowledge the Darug People who are the traditional custodians of this land. We pay respect to the elder’s past, present and future. We promise to look after this place.

Hello land (hands on the floor) Hello sky (hands to sky)

Hello me (hug themselves) Hello friends (hug each other)

We aim to Provide..

  • A greater sense of security and consistent routines that allows for smooth transitions during the day
  • Age appropriate learning programs which reflect individual needs, curiosity, willingness to make discoveries and interest
  • A happy, safe and inspiring environment for learning to occur
  • The opportunity for children to make decisions and taking responsibilities for learning
  • Activities that reflect a variety of cultural ideas, and experiences
  • A wide physical space that encourages children to explore and respect their natural environment
  • The opportunity for children to participate in activities and excursions outside the centre
  • Activities that will foster children’s self-reliance and self-esteem
  • Programs that will support children who acquire additional support and guidance,
  • To instill and encourage learning to be fun, creative and interactive
  • Opportunities that will assist children to fully participate in programs and be treated without bias regardless of disability, gender, religion, culture, family structure or economic status
Long Day Care Centre in Penrith

Child Care Centre in Penrith


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Strategic Inclusion Plan

Kradle 2 Krayons has developed a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP). The SIP is a self-guided inclusion assessment and planning tool for our service, which includes strategies for improving and embedding inclusive practice, in line with the National Quality Standards (NQS). The development of our SIP recognises the current inclusive capacity of Kradle 2 Krayons and outlines the strategies and actions educators will implement to increase their capacity to include all children.